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Staying updated with the latest advancements in brain and nerve health is essential for healthcare professionals. Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) resources offer in-depth insights into the evolving landscape of neurological care. Explore a range of educational materials designed to empower medical professionals with the knowledge needed to offer the best possible care to patients dealing with brain and nerve issues.

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Survival and Predictive Factors of Clinical Outcome in Patients With Acquired Brain Injury

The prediction of the final neurological and functional status of patients with acquired brain injury remains very uncertain despite the findings of current medicine.
The aim of the study is to e ...

Condition: Acquired Brain Injury

Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging in Older Children With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) often causes persistent motor and cognitive deficits in children resulting in functional limitations.
We are testing a brain stimulation method along with evalu ...

Condition: Brain Concussion

A Single-case Design to Investigate a Compensatory Strategy Game Supporting Goal Management Training

The main cognitive complaint in brain-injured patients is often the everyday disorganization caused by executive function (EF) deficits.
In order to minimize the everyday disorganization, effecti ...

Condition: Acquired Brain Injury

Resistant starches from dietary pulses improve neurocognitive health via gut-microbiome-brain axis in aged mice

Introduction: Cognitive decline is a common consequence of aging. Dietary patterns that lack fibers and are high in saturated fats worsen cognitive impairment by triggering pro-inflammatory pathways a

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Mission in Tanzania 2018 - Dr. Stieg Preps for Brain Surgery

Dr. Philip Stieg, chair of Weill Cornell Medicine Neurological Surgery, prepares for surgery at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Challenges After Brain Surgery

Tricia, mother of Hailey, discusses her daughter's experience after she had surgery to implant grids and strips, to help manage her ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

The future of brain surgery starts here!

Brain & Spine Group is a 501(c)3 charity furthering brain and spine health around the world through education, research, and ...